Reduce the Stress of Law School

The library’s new ‘Escape Hatch’ collection will help relieve the stress of law school. Books and videos in the escape hatch have a legal theme, an attorney as a character or an attorney as an author and are meant to be fun. The escape hatch collection is located adjacent to the open reserve collection.

State Supreme Court Bans Sitting Justice From Filing His Dissent

The Mississippi Supreme Court ordered one of its sitting justices not to publish his dissent with the Court’s majority decision. Apparently the Court stopped its court clerk from filing Justice Oliver Diaz’s opinion into the record. Here’s a copy. In the opinion, Justice Diaz writes “A majority vote to censor a justice of the court and prohibit the issuance of a dissenting opinion may be unprecedented in the history of American jurisprudence.”By not being part of the record, Justice Diaz’s opinion has no legal status.
It was published by Folo, a blog.

Faculty Publications (Jost)

Timothy S. Jost, et al., Liability and Quality Issues in Health Care, 6th Ed. (2008 Thomson West).
Timothy S. Jost, e al., Bioethics: Health Care Law and Ethics, 6th Ed. (2008 Thomson West).
Timothy S. Jost, et al., The Law of Health Care Organization and Finance, 6th Ed. (2008 Thomson West).

Faculty Publications (Sundby)

Scott Sundby and Maria Angeles Perez Cebadera, Caminando Sobre La Cuerda Floja Constitutcional: La USA Patriot Act Y La “Guerra Contra el Terror”, Revista General de Derecho Procesal 15 (2008).

Oyendo Al Jurado A Traves De La Puerta: Una Perspectiva De La Aplicacion De La Pena De Muerta En America, Revista General de Derecho Procesal 15 (2008).