The Library staff is organizing a Student Library Advisory Council in an effort to better meet the needs of our students. We propose to invite four members of each class to serve on the council and to meet three times a semester. Our goal will be to discuss services, space, our web presence, and other topics brought to us by the council members. If you are interested in serving please contact Judy Stinson, Head Information Services, 458-8544 or

Facebook (no, not that one) Exhibit

To celebrate the arrival of the new law class, the archives has tacked up (don’t worry; these are not originals) a display on the history of the law school’s “Facebooks.”  There is even a contest explained in the last case.  Prizes include favors from the archives and $10 iTune gift cards.   The display cases are across from the moot court jury room.

below: page from 1962 Facebook



iPad Apps for Law Students

Splurging on an iPad this year?  The law library has compiled a list of essential apps for students for conducting legal research, productivity and just plain making life as a law student easier.   If you have questions about the recommended apps or are looking for specific mobile apps, please contact Electronic Services Librarian Stephanie Miller at


Here is a preview:

Law Library Fellows

We are pleased to announce 2012 Washington and Lee Law Graduate Cameron Flynn will join John Eller as part of the Law Library Fellow Program.

The Law Library Fellows Program provides scholarly support to faculty members.  Fellows respond to requests from individual faculty members for assistance with law review articles and other works of scholarship including teaching, speaking, and all forms of publication.  For more information, please go to the law library webpage at