Reserve Room Open House

This year’s Reserve Room Open House will be on Thursday, September 27th.  Stop by to see what is available to borrow from the reserve room, take a tour of the law library, or just say hello!  Donuts from Dunkin Donuts will be served at 10:30 AM and a sweet treat in the afternoon at 1 PM.

See you there!


110th Anniversary of the Birth of Justice Lewis F. Powell Jr.

Lewis F. Powell Jr. is justifiably identified with Richmond, Virginia. Aside from his U.S. Army service in World War II and his time on the Supreme Court of the United States, he spent his entire life there — with the exception of his first two months of life. As you can read in the clipping below, an accident of family history resulted in his birthplace actually being Suffolk, Virginia.

SuffolkNews-HeraldPowellBirthIn a short time, however, he was ensconced in the house (see below) in the Forest Hill  district of Richmond that would be his home until leaving for college.

PowellForestHillHomeAt any event, he appeared to have been a happy baby.