Faculty Publications

Robin Fretwell Wilson, “Unauthorized Practice”: Regulating the Use of Anesthetized, Recently Deceased, and Conscious Patients in Medical Teaching, 44 Idaho L. Rev. 423 (2008).

Norman L. Balmer, Fashionable IP or IP for Fashion?, 64 Wash. & Lee L. Rev.275 (2008).

Caprice L. Roberts, “A Desert Grows Between Us”-The Sovereignty Paradox at the Intersection of Tribal and Federal Courts, 64 Wash. & Lee L. Rev. 347 (2008).

GovEngine–Web Portal for Government Research

GovEngine is a Web portal for uncovering information about federal, state, and local government. Links on the sidebar of the website lead to pages on each of these subjects.
There is also a map of the U.S.A., where one can click a state and then go to a page that contains links to the state’s home page and constitution. In addition, there are lists of Web pages that contain further links to sources dealing with the executive, legislative, and judicial branches of the state in question.

Google News Search Launches New Quotes Feature

How to search quotes using Google News Search:
” 1. To access these new features, first search for a person’s name on Google News. If we have a recent quote, we’ll show it above the search results.
2. Clicking on the speaker’s name will take you to a page with even more of their quotes. From there you can search within the quotes by entering a query on the left side of the page.”
Source: Google News Blog (check out the screen captures)

2006 U.S. Code

Volumes of the 2006 edition of the U.S. Code are beginning to arrive in GPO’s Library Services unit and are being prepared for shipment. Volume 1 (Organic Laws, Title 1 to Title 5) is being prepared for shipment Stock for Volume 2 (Title 5 to Title 7) has just been received in GPO’s warehouse and will be prepared for shipment this week. As additional volumes are finalized and printed, they will be processed and distributed as soon as they arrive.

News from Hein: Google Scholar and YouTube Channel

HeinOnline Weblog is reporting that the entire Law Journal collection will be searchable in Google Scholar by the end of April. HeinOnline launched a YouTube channel last month to provide training videos. At the moment there are four:
* How to Find an Article in the Law Journal Library
* Finding the Coverage Information for a Title
* Bookmarking a Search in HeinOnline with Internet Explorer
* Bookmarking a Search in HeinOnline with Firefox

The Interactive Museum of News

The Interactive Museum of News (the Newseum) is set to become the latest museum to open on Pennsylvania Avenue. Even before the museum opens, you can take a look around their website for educational and fun resources. One that stands out is a searchable display of 616 daily newspaper front pages from 61 countries in their original, unedited form. You can sort the papers by region, scan through a list organized by state or click on a map to see the dailies covered. Access at Newseum