Faculty Publications Drumbl

Mark A. Drumbl, Book Review, 12 New Crim. L. Rev. 314 (2009) (reviewing Supranational Criminology: Towards A Criminology of International Crimes, Alette Smeulers & Roelof Haveman, Eds. Oxford 2008).

PLI Selling Books in Kindle Format

According to the PLI press release, there are currently 67 PLI titles available on Kindle, covering such areas as business, corporate and securities law, banking and commercial law, intellectual property law, estate and tax planning law, real estate law, insurance law, elder law, and litigation. By year-end, the Kindle line will expand to over 100 titles. See Amazon listing of available Kindled titles. “Our average book is easily over 1,000 pages, and a number are multivolume sets, so you’re talking about a lot of information,” said William Cubberley, who oversees the PLI’s publishing program. “You’ll be able to carry an entire law library on your Kindle.” Quoting from the WSJ’s Amazon’s Kindle to Sell Law Books.Hard copy filing supplementation to PLI titles apparently will be replaced by the purchase of revised Kindled editions. “Users will be able to delete old versions of their texts and substitute new books,” writes Jeffrey A. Trachtenberg in the WSJ article. No word on pricing for the updated Kindled titles but annual print supplements typically run about $125.

Casemaker vs. Fastcase for Caselaw Research

Bob Ambrogi offers a head-to-head review of Casemaker and Fastcase in Law Technology News. He concludes that in terms of coverage of federal and state libraries and the relative strengths of their search tools, “neither stands out as significantly superior to the other. But in their intuitiveness and ease of use, Fastcase has the clear edge.”