There’s Still Time!: W&L’s Guide to 1L Study Aids

Hard to believe it’s already Fall Break — and for 1Ls, that means your first law school exams are just around the corner!

Whether you’re looking for a helpful guide for your outlining, or want a summary of doctrine and key cases to reinforce your in-class lectures and readings, the Law Library has study aids for your needs, on the subjects that mystify you the most.

Now freshly updated with new editions for first-semester classes, our online guide to 1L course supplements, Beyond the Text: Study Guides for First Year Classes, is the Law Library’s most popular resource for finding the best study aids: Torts, Criminal Law, Civ Pro, Contracts, even Legal Research and Legal Writing — they’re all in there.

The guide links out to selections from the vast West Academic Study Aids collection online (including Nutshells, Sum & Substance audio lectures, Gilbert summaries, and Legalines outlines), as well as highlights from the Law Library’s study guides in print, located in the Reserve Room across from the all-gender restroom on the third floor.

Check out the 1L Study Aid Guide now, and get a leg up on your exam prep!