Gift of Photo Valentine’s J. R. Tucker Bust

This photograph of the sculptor Edward V. Valentine’s bust of John Randolph Tucker, first dean of the Washington and Lee University School of Law, was generously given to the Powell Archives by the Virginia Military Institute’s archives.  The bust was lost in the 1934 fire that destroyed the first law building which bore Tucker’s name.

The dedication on the photo’s mat was written by J. R. Tucker’s son, Henry St. George Tucker, third dean of the law school.  The recipient, William M. McAllister, was likely the Oregon politician and jurist, whom the younger Tucker would have known from his own political career, and from ABA service.

The photographer is unknown, though it could have been the sculptor, himself, as he created some notable images.  Much of the provenance of the photo after it was given to McAllister is unknown.  Eventually it was offered on ebay, purchased by a VMI alum, and given to that institution.