Ruth Bader Ginsburg: A Reading List

RBG - A Reading ListIn recognition of the passing of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the W&L Law Library has updated our popular online guide to texts written by and about the late Justice: Ruth Bader Ginsburg: A Reading List.

The guide was first published on the occasion of Justice Ginsburg’s visit to VMI and W&L Law in February 2017. It highlights the most prominent RBG biographies and quotation books published from 2012 to the present day.

Also included are many of Ginsburg’s most notable opinions and dissents as a U.S. Supreme Court justice, as well as information on her 1993 nomination and confirmation, and the six cases she argued before the Court as an attorney in the 1970s.

The RBG Reading List is part of the W&L Law Library’s collection of LibGuides on researching legal subjects, finding and using materials, and conducting legal research. If you have any feedback or questions about the guide, or a suggestion for a new LibGuide that we might offer, please email us at

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